Residential Snow Removal in Edina

Every winter, everyone starts scrambling when that first snowfall hits. People run to the store to stock up on their toilet paper, bread and milk, and get ready to hunker down and stay indoors while Mother Nature delivers a punch of winter to our region in Edina. When the snow starts falling, that’s when many people realize that they forgot to prepare for snow removal. Here at Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc., we can help you take care of all of your residential snow removal needs during any type of winter weather event. We offer services such as snow plowing, ice melting and winter storm preparation. If you want to make sure you don’t get snowed in this winter, it’s important to get ready early by being one of our regular customers.

While some snow removal companies are only equipped with a few shovels, you can trust that our staff is prepared with a variety of tools that help us remove snow from your property quickly and efficiently. We take snow clearing seriously and can be in and out of your property within an hour or two, depending on the amount of snowfall. We can also get to you quicker than the other guys so that you’re not waiting around for days to get out of the house. Here are some of the tools we are prepared with that help us make your property safe and free of snow or ice:

  • Plows – For heavy-duty plowing down driveways and private roads, we offer plowing service using trucks that can get through even the deepest of snowfall.
  • Snow blowers – When you have a sidewalk that needs to be cleared right away or a small driveway that you need to use as soon as possible, we can use one of our commercial strength snow blowers to get you access to the outside world again as fast as possible.
  • Shovels – Small removal jobs can be tackled with a team of workers and shovels. Areas that are harder to reach by some of our mechanical equipment can get cleared this way as well. If you’re worried about a fragile part of your property that can’t be cleared with a snow blower, shoveling may be a better option.
  • Salt Spreaders – We also offer salting service that simply requires a few runs down the driveway or over sidewalks with one of our salt spreading machines.

Keep Your Home Winter-Ready with House Snow Removal

When winter arrives and blankets your house in a layer of snow, it's crucial to have a reliable snow-clearing solution in place. At Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc., we specialize in house snow-clearing services that ensure your home remains accessible and safe throughout winter.

Our dedicated team of professionals understands the importance of maintaining clear pathways and driveways, allowing you to come and go without any inconvenience. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment—including plows, snow blowers, and shovels—we swiftly remove snow from your property, leaving you with peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy the winter wonderland outside.

Do you have questions about our customizable residential snow and ice removal services? We have answers. Phone us to discuss the details with an industry-leading snow removal company that puts your safety and satisfaction first.

Regularly Scheduled Snow Removal Services

If you’re looking for a company in Edina to provide weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly snow removal services, look no further than the team at Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc.. With our professional team working to meet your needs, you can have peace of mind knowing your property will be kept snow and ice-free, making it safe to drive and walk throughout the winter.

Our technicians offer tailored snow removal services and work tirelessly to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations. When you hire us for regularly scheduled snow removal, you can rest assured your property’s driveway and walkways will remain accessible for the entire season.

Our experienced crews have the latest equipment and are dedicated to protecting your property. You can count on us to handle your snow removal needs with efficiency and expertise throughout the winter season.   

Affordable Residential Snow Removal Services

At Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc., we offer exceptional residential snow removal services at affordable prices and work hard to provide great value to our customers. We understand how important it is to keep your property clear and accessible during the winter, minimizing your liability and ensuring you and your visitors remain safe from fall risks.

Our affordable pricing doesn’t mean we compromise on quality—it means you can have a worry-free winter knowing your driveway and walkways will remain clear. With our experienced team, you get detail-oriented work and communicative customer service. As a local company, we’re committed to serving the community and upholding honesty and transparency in all our business interactions.

When you choose us for your snow removal needs, you receive the following:

  • Risk-free consultations
  • Free estimates and quotes on snow removal
  • Responsive communication
  • Efficient snow and ice removal
  • Reliable clearing
  • On-time service from experienced technicians
  • Friendly customer service
  • …and more!

State-of-the-Art Snow Clearing Equipment

When you hire Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc. to keep your property clear of snow and ice, you receive detail-oriented service from technicians using state-of-the-art equipment. We’ve invested in our service to maximize the efficiency and thoroughness of our work, stay current on industry developments, and embrace technology to simplify snow removal. Our team has developed a streamlined process to ensure we provide the best possible results, and we go above and beyond to support our clients.

From snow blowers and plows to de-icing machines and salt-spreaders, our company uses an array of equipment to remove winter precipitation from your property. You shouldn’t have to worry about slipping on your way to run errands or being late to work due to a snowed-in driveway, and when you work with us, you won’t have to.

Experienced Snow Removal Technicians

At Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc., our team comprises experienced snow removal technicians and friendly customer service representatives who work collaboratively to support your needs. We’ve faithfully served homeowners in Edina for years, providing exceptional service at fair prices and going the extra mile to keep you safe.

When you work with us, you’ll be treated fairly and respectfully and have peace of mind throughout the winter. We’re one of the area’s top snow removal services, and we’re confident our team will satisfy your needs.

Secure, Protected, and Risk-Free Snow Clearing

We prioritize safety, providing a secure, risk-free snow and ice-clearing experience. Our team is trained to handle snow removal with the utmost caution, minimizing any potential hazards or risks.

This involves inspecting the area for environmental hazards, like electric cables or drainage systems, before starting the process. We also use anti-slip materials, including salt, to lay down on the cleared pathways, ensuring you and your family remain safe outdoors.

With our reliable and efficient methods, your property will be cleared in a manner that keeps everyone safe and protected.

Snow Shoveling for Delicate Surfaces

There are a variety of methods that can be used to clear snow, each suited for different situations. Snow shoveling offers distinct advantages in specific scenarios.

Snow shoveling is the ideal choice when you have a smaller area that requires clearing, like tight corners, narrow walkways, or delicate surfaces that can't be cleared with mechanical equipment. Our team is equipped with skilled workers and a fleet of shovels, ready to tackle these specific snow-clearing requirements.

With the careful precision of manual labor, we ensure every nook and cranny is meticulously cleared, leaving your property safe and accessible.

Stay Ahead of Winter's Grasp With Ongoing Snow Removal

Winter weather can be relentless, bringing a constant barrage of snowfall that accumulates over time. We understand that snow doesn't just disappear after a single clearing. It's an ongoing battle to keep your property safe and accessible throughout the winter season.

With our dedicated team and reliable snow removal equipment, we offer ongoing snow removal solutions that ensure your property remains free from snow buildup. By enrolling in our ongoing service, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing we'll be there after every snowfall, promptly clearing your driveways, walkways, and other areas.

Accurate Cost Estimates to Plan Your Snow Clearing Budget

Whether you require a price quote for residential snow removal, ice melting services, or winter storm preparation, we have you covered. Our knowledgeable team will assess your specific requirements and provide a detailed cost estimate tailored to your property's needs.

With our free estimate, you can make informed decisions and plan your budget accordingly. Don't let hidden costs or surprises dampen your winter preparations. Contact us today for a free estimate and experience our commitment to upfront and transparent pricing.

The Choice For Snow Plowing and More in Edina

This winter, don’t wait until the last minute, when the snow starts falling, to set up your snow clearing options. Leave it to our staff at Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc., and spend time enjoying your family and the beauty of the winter weather. Keep your life and daily tasks from getting interrupted by having us be part of your regular winter routine. You can avoid the stress of being left out in the cold for snow removing services when the winter weather strikes by contacting us early before the winter temperatures set in.

Contact us today, and we can make a plan of action for your snow clearing services this winter. We can customize a package that is right for your property’s needs in order to make this winter a safe one for you and your family.