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Lawn Health, Fertilizer & Pest Control

Standard Fertilizer Programs

Fertilizers gives the lawn important nutrients it might not otherwise receive, giving it a much needed boost. Imagine how you feel when you haven't eaten well all day—your body is lacking the proper nutrients to keep you going, so you feel lackluster and tired. If your lawn is also running on empty, it feels the same way you do—unable to function, and worn down.

Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc. can help you make informed decisions about which fertilizer program is best for your lawn.

Organic Fertilizer Programs

There is a symbiotic relationship between microorganisms and organic fertilizers that is incredible. The microorganisms help create a living soil, which helps prevent lawn diseases. The organic programs help rebuild the soil health.

Lawn Aeration Service

If you are looking to improve the long-term health of your lawn, you may have considered lawn aeration, and if so, you’ve come to the right place. At Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc., we specialize in aeration services and can work to transform the state of your grass in a few simple steps.

We offer mechanical or microbial aerations.

We offer flexible scheduling and transparent, competitive pricing to accommodate your needs.

To learn more about lawn aeration, read on. To schedule your first appointment, call (952) 893-1969.

Moisture Manager

Two applications of soil moisture management technology to maintain ideal moisture levels between periods of rain and drought. Proven to reduce plant water consumption by as much as 50%. Healthier grass, less water.

Grub Prevention

Recommended for everyone. " An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". One preventative application in spring will kill the grub eggs before they hatch and begin to cause potentially devastating damage to your lawn. Bee friendly.

Natural Mosquito & Tick Repellant

Rettmann Lawn Service offers an all-natural and bee friendly option to keep your lawn free of those pesky mosquitoes and ticks so you can safely enjoy your lawn all summer long. Applications are done every 3-4 weeks throughouth the summer. These services are also available in 1-2 applications for special occasions.

Mole Repellant

Don't let those moles ruin your lawn! Rettmann Lawn Service offers a granular, all-natural mole repellant that is designed to drive the moles away from your garden and lawn.