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High Quality Fertilizer Programs

We carefully select the highest quality fertilizers and weed control products that will build disease resistance and create a healthy, thick turf. To maintain a healthy lawn, it is important to fertilize with the nitrogen and potassium.

Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc. goes above and beyond that to include humic acids and other micronutrients as well, to give your lawn what it needs for improved health and improved soil for long term benefits. Our applications promote healthier root growth so your lawn can better utilize nutrients and water. A healthier lawn is naturally more disease and drought resistant. Our proprietary formulas are designed to give your lawn an initial boost as well as long term benefits.

Our technicians are equipped and trained to use the appropriate products that your lawn needs.

Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc. can help you make informed decisions about which fertilizer program is best for your lawn.


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Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc. Fertilizer / Weed Control Programs

"The grass is greener" on our side of the fence!

Guaranteed weed control with Premium and Standard programs.

As certified professionals, you expect us to do what's best for your lawn, and that's just what we do!

Premium Fertilizer Program:

  • Early Spring: Crabgrass pre-emergent is applied heavier in areas of concern and lighter in shady areas where grass struggles to grow. Slow release fertilizer is applied to entire lawn. Broadleaf weed control is applied where needed.
  • Spring: Crabgrass pre-emergent is applied to entire lawn. Slow release fertilizer is applied. Lawn is blanket sprayed with broadleaf weed control to eliminate all weeds. We guarantee weed control!
  • Early Summer: Premium high potash and iron slow release granular fertilizer is applied for premium color, density, and resistance to disease & drought.
  • Summer: Crabgrass, and all those obnoxious summer weeds are spot sprayed. Slow release fertilizer is applied.
  • Fall: Heavier amounts of slow release fertilizer is applied for good root growth. Weeds are sprayed.

Standard Fertilizer Program:

  • Early Spring, Spring, Summer & Fall applications as above.

Budget Fertilizer Program:

  • Early Spring & Fall applications as described above.

Gypsum or Lime:

Even if you're doing everything you can, nature can still be working against you. In an ideal world, your soil's pH would be sitting at a comfortable 6.5, but that isn't always the case. Thankfully, Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc. has the fix for you! An application of lime is a great way to achieve a healthy pH.

This raises the soil pH to a desirable range and significantly improves lawn's health and vitality. This helps the grass fully utilize all the available nutrients, plus micronutrients. It helps sod recover from salt damage and dog urine spots. By raising the pH, we can also create a more difficult condition for weeds to grow. This especially helps us fight off Creeping Charlie.


A soil pH test is available if needed at no additional cost. A visual assessment is often sufficient to be able to tell if the pH is too low. If you're unsure what your soil's acidity is, Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc. would be happy to find out for you! Give us a call today and our technician will come by for a consultation at your earliest convenience.