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Even if you've done everything you can think of to improve your lawn, there's a chance it could still need something more. Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc. is here to help.

Why Aeration?

Core aeration gives your lawns roots room to breathe and grow deeper. By reducing the compaction of the lawn, the lawn can absorb more water, nutrients, and oxygen which will allow the roots to go deeper and as a result, the lawn becomes thicker and more resistant to disease, drought, fungus, weeds, and stress. Core aeration also reduces the thatch layer.

Aerating your lawn involves going a step beyond the regular watering and mowing, and allows the grass to be properly penetrated by water and air. The aeration process is quite straightforward when handled by the experts at Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc., so sit back, and let us take care of it for you.

What's the Best Time to Aerate?

The best time to aerate is in early fall when the root growth is optimal. We recommend it every fall for heavy clay soils. Every other year is good for the others. Another benefit of fall aeration is that its a great time to overseed, which is a service Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc. can provide.

Don't give up on your lawn in the fall! Everything you do in the fall will make the difference for your lawn next year. You'll be glad you put the work in when summer comes around!

What to Expect

Rettmann Lawn Service, Inc. will give you advance notice, so that if you have a sprinkler system you can mark the heads to prevent any damage. If it is needed we can mark them for you, for a small fee.

It might look a little bit worse before it gets better (some say it looks like goose droppings on the lawn), but with a little bit of rain the clumps will break up shortly.