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Lawn Aeration Service

Mechanical Aeration

Over time the earth on your lawn will become more compact. You may begin to notice how this compaction affects the growth of your grass. Mechanical lawn aeration is the process of loosening the earth by poking a series of holes that allow air, water, and nutrients to seep into the grass’ roots. Penetrating the roots of your lawn will allow your grass to grow more luscious and fuller.

Microbial Aeration

Microbial aeration is a new technology in the Green Industry that uses microbes to aerate the soil under your turf without

disturbing the surface of the lawn. This is done with a granular or liquid application. The product is a concentrated consumable carbon food source for soil microbes. The effect lasts longer & goes deeper into the root zone than mechanical core aeration. This option is ideal for lawns with sprinkler systems, invisible fencing, etc. where the mechanical core aeration would not be desirable.

The cost of your aeration will depend on the square footage of your property. We can offer a quote after doing an aerial view measurement of your turf areas.

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Discover the Benefits of a Core Aeration Service

There are many benefits to investing in lawn aeration. Let’s explore just a few.

  • Improves strength and overall health of the turf
  • Prevents thinning and patchy grass
  • Alleviates soil compaction
  • Benefits seeding operations
  • Minimizes the buildup of thatch
  • Reduces water run-off and puddles
  • Prepares the grass for winter
  • And more!