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Spring Cleanup

Give your lawn a healthly start in spring

Spring Cleanup

Not sure if you need a spring cleanup? Not only does it improve the look of your yard, there are also some benefits that can keep your lawn healthier. Leaves that are left over from the fall will prevent the lawn from getting good sunlight, which can cause the lawn to die out in areas. Leaves that are left in the beds can harbor fungal diseases that will affect your shrubs or flowers.

  • Lawn is raked to pick up matted grass and to remove dead debris in lawn
  • Sticks are picked up from the lawn and hauled away
  • Leaves are blown out of landscaped beds, patios, window wells, shrub areas
  • Leaves and dead grass are vacuumed and chopped into powder with mulching mowers
  • This powder is loaded with nutrients that feed the grass and give your lawn a healthy start in Spring.
  • Your yard is left neat and clean, “awake” and ready to green up in a few days.