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Dethatching / Power raking

We aggressively rake the lawn to remove thatch.

The thatch layer is a normal accumulation of organic matter that sits on top of the soil, at the base of the grass plant. It is a benefit to the lawn, full of nutrients and full of beneficial microorganisms, it also prevents the lawn from drying out too quickly. In a healthy lawn the thatch layer could be half an inch to 1 inch thick. If the thatch has accumulated to more than 1 inch, which is not very common, then dethatching could be helpful. If the thatch layer is too thick, it may result in a shallow root system of the grass, which leads to dry, disease prone and weak turf. The dethatching should be done early in the season, often with the spring cleanup, before the grass plants fill in. When done at the proper time, the dethatching rake will lift out some (not all) of the thatch so it can be mulched or removed. Core aeration is another method that can be done in spring or fall to reduce thatch.

Thatch is not due to leaving grass clippings on the lawn or from using a mulching mower to chop up leaves. Mulching is a healthy practice, which results in a richer, organic soil and it provides significant nutrients to your lawn. By using a mulching lawn mower, you can decrease the amount of fertilizer you are using on your lawn by one pound per thousand square feet per year.

  • We go over the big areas two or three times with the rakes on the mowers.
  • Smaller areas are hand raked or we use a small power rake.
  • Thatch is then mulched into nutrients that are a benefit instead of a hindrance.
  • Most sunny areas can benefit from having this done every year with the spring cleanup.