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Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanups & Leaf Removal

Fallen leaves are beautiful at first glance, but if left on the lawn, they can potentially become a problem!

A fall leaf cleanup helps keep your home looking neat and clean; it discourages pests from making nests in your lawn or landscaping; it allows sunlight, water and nutrients to feed your lawn so that the roots can grow deeper. All of this decreases the chances of lawn diseases, and sets your lawn up for a quicker green up in spring!

  • Fall Lawn Cleanups start in late October, and continue until the snow arrives.
  • Leaves are blown from landscape areas onto the lawn.
  • Leaves are then vacuumed and chopped into nutrient-rich powder to feed the lawn and prepare it for winter.
  • Excessive leaves and debris are vacuumed off, hauled away and composted.
  • If weather permits, we do our fall cleanups in two trips.